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Our team has been relied on by major media outlets to provide insight and analysis by Politico, The LA Times, Mashable, Breitbart, Campaigns & Elections Magazine, Sky News London, Yahoo! News and more.

MCSHANE IN LA TIMES: Your phone and TV are tracking you, and political campaigns are listening in

By EVAN HALPER FEB 20, 2019  It was a crowded primary field and Tony Evers, running for governor, was eager to win the support of officials gathered at a Wisconsin state Democratic Party meeting, so the candidate did all the usual things: He read the room, he shook...

Integrating Digital into Down-Ballot Campaigns

Rory McShane of McShane LLC chats with Campaign & Election’s Shane Greer. This video was produced in partnership with Campaigns & Elections.

McShane Breaks The Frame: 2019 Reed Award Finalist

Proud to be a finalist for a Campaigns & Elections Reed Award! The Facebook ad we created for Theresa Thibodeau for Nebraska Legislature was specifically targeted to mobile voters and visually “broke the box” to deliver results.

McShane On Sky News London

Media Strategist Rory McShane interviewed on Sky News London about American politics and the Trump Whitehouse.

Ed Williams: Smooth GOP caucus boosts Nevada’s case as early state

LAS VEGAS (AP) - The lines snaked out the doors, throngs of voters crowded into high school cafeterias, and neighbors got into spirited arguments about whether Donald Trump would make a good president. The Nevada Republican caucuses on Feb. 23 were loud and boisterous...

McShane in Campaigns and Elections Magazine: LESSONS FROM 2018: THE RISE OF PEER-TO-PEER TEXTING

What robocalls were effective for at one point was activating voters who already agreed with you. Disseminating small, quick, bits of information to get a voter to take an action. Now, as fewer and fewer voters have landlines, and pre-election weeks are flooded with robocalls, they’re losing their effectiveness for even that. In their place, peer-to-peer texting has become a great solution to activate the voters you need. In the 2018 cycle our firm handled P2P texting for the Colorado GOP, and candidates and ballot initiatives in Colorado, Nevada, and Maryland.

McShane in Politico: Mueller is everywhere, except the midterms

“People are anesthetized to it,” said Rory McShane, a GOP strategist working on 2018 races in Arizona, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada and Tennessee.

McShane in Campaigns and Elections Magazine: HOW FACEBOOK STRATEGY HAS EVOLVED IN 2018

Facebook strategy has been in flux for campaigns this cycle thanks to continued platform changes. Races on both sides of the aisle are now having to grapple with changing rules over content and targeting.

McShane in Associated Press: Boxers or briefs? Beto O’Rourke livestreams his laundry

Still, Rory McShane, a Republican consultant who organized Facebook Live sessions with past candidates in South Carolina and Virginia, said he’d like to see more politicians scrapping traditional scripts, even though he’s “hurting myself as someone who writes those messages. I’ve encouraged clients of mine to do full campaigns on livestream from the time you’re brushing your teeth to the time you’re going into your hotel room,” McShane said.

McShane in Yahoo News: The Republicans are beating Democrats on Facebook, but by how much?

Facebook is good at confirming bias and reinforcing tribal instincts. This can also be described as “community building” by digital operatives, and Rory McShane, a Republican strategist, said that “it didn’t seem like [Clinton campaigners] were focused on community building.”

Rory McShane joined my team late in the campaign, but it was the best decision I made to ensure I won my election to the Florida House of Representatives. His knowledge and experience made the difference.

David Smith
Florida State Representative

Rory and his team have a sound understanding of the political landscape. And, unlike other political consultants, they pay attention to their clients. We didn’t always agree at first, but he is willing to present his ideas and execute on the plan which we mutually agreed upon. Equally important, he respects the importance of budgets in devising that plan.

Dan Schwartz
Nevada State Treasurer

The McShane LLC guys were great to work with! Not only did they continue to offer competitive pricing, but their execution and attention to details on text messaging was very precise. They helped allow the Colorado GOP to connect to voters in such a valuable way.

Jeff Hays
Chairman, Colorado Republican Party

Rory and the team at McShane LLC are fun to work with, passionate about their work and get great results. Thanks, guys!

Jeff Iverson
CEO, Freedom Behavioral Health

I was really happy with the work of Woodrow Johnston [Strategy Director of McShane LLC]. I appreciate their responsiveness, attention to detail, and loyalty. They are very capable and fully committed campaign professionals.

Scott Black
Councilman, City of North Las Vegas

I hired McShane LLC as my consultants. They created a plan, targeted voters, and created media. We defeated an incumbent in a primary election and went on to win the general election by more than 20,000 votes. I plan to hire them for my re-election too!

Leo Biasiucci
Arizona State Representative

We use Rory and his team for Facebook advertising, website launches, Google AdWords, marketing ideas, and most importantly as a sounding board for guidance in decisions we make as a company. Rory goes above and beyond with what he is asked to do and we are grateful to have him on our team.

Robert White
CEO & Founder, Any Length Retreat

I hired McShane LLC as a consultant. Their work was accurate, insightful and they always bring solutions to the table. Most importantly though, Rory and his team have put up signs with me, made calls with me, and prayed with me. They’re more than consultants, they’re members of the team.

Steve Montenegro
Arizona State Senator

McShane LLC filled a gap in a much-needed area of our campaign, digital targeting. Our targeted online, social media presence and website traffic increased drastically after we brought Rory and his team on board.

Chris Hurt
Tennessee State Representative

The guys at McShane LLC worked closely with my campaign to find voters and create a powerful brand to reach them. They are true craftsmen who will tailor everything they create to you and your audience. Worth every penny.

Jim Coley
Tennessee State Representative

I have worked with Rory McShane and his team for more than 6 years in candidate races, ballot initiatives, and political committees. Without hesitation, I can recommend Rory McShane. He works harder than anyone I know in politics, he produces creative ideas, and most importantly his practical focus gets results. Without hesitation, I can recommend Rory McShane. He is not merely a consultant, but also a trusted friend

Scott Gessler
Colorado Secretary of State

McShane LLC was attentive to detail, desires, and suggestions as we worked together to build our product.

Ricky Vasquez
Partner, Cardinal House

Our Record

McShane LLC emerged from the 2018 cycle with political, corporate and non-profit clients in more than a dozen states, taking home 22 victories in November.

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